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CC-18 Fez and Christmas Tree.jpg

Box of 16 cards (blank inside) with envelopes. (Size of card 4 1/2" x 6")

        $35/box x ___ boxes =        ________


Postage and handling for whatever

        size order:                                    $10.      

Tax-deductible contribution   

        (purchase of cards is not

                       tax-deductible)      ________


                              TOTAL:         ________          

Make check payable to Common Humanity and mail check and your mailing address to:


Common Humanity

Attn:  Mel Lehman

310 Riverside Dr., #511

New York, NY  10025

or send an email to

This card was drawn by a university art student in Syria in 2018.  The picture of a fez — a symbol of the Middle East — on top of Christmas tree — a symbol of the West — is a gesture of goodwill offered with a twinkle in the artist’s eye.  Peace is possible; we can live together, the image says.


The original card was brought to the U.S. by Common Humanity as part of its Christmas and New Year’s Card Exchange along with some 793 other cards.  Common Humanity is a non-profit peacemaking organization based in New York City which seeks to build understanding, respect and friendship with the Middle East and Muslim world.  We believe that the road to peace in the Middle East lies in recognizing the humanity of people on all sides of the conflict we’re in.  Instead of sending more bombs to the Middle East, we should be sending compassion and humanitarian relief supplies. 


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