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Learn about Nowruz, the concept of unity amidst diversity, from Iranian scholar Nabi Sonboli by clicking above.

"We need to understand each other," says distinguished Iranian scholar Nabi Sonboli.  Join us for an enlightening conversation

about what our two countries have in common by clicking on right.


Note: Discover an Iranian movie referred to in our discussion by clicking on

(Several have English subtitles.) 

Iraqi-Syrian artist Sara Masoud discusses her journey and her art, including this painting.  Click above.

Join us on a journey to meet the people of North Korea, including this orphanage, with long-time peacemaker Doug Hostetter.  

Join us as Iraqi artist Lubna Mousa discusses her journey and her art. Click above.

Common Humanity Director Mel Lehman describes how he "discovered" this unique Iraqi refugee art and leads a tour of our online Art Gallery.  Click here.

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