The Peace Channel

Books used in the presentation:

So What: New and Selected Poems 

by Taha Muhammad Ali

Like a Straw Bird It Follows Me 

by Ghassan Zaqtan

A Blade of Grass: New Palestinian Poetry


Also recommended:

The Butterfly's Burden by Mahmoud Darwish (poems)

Seeking Palestine: New Palestinian Writing on Exile and Home (essays)

Pay No Heed to the Rockets by Marcello di Cintio (interviews with writers)

Writer and educator Angela Lehman shares poems from Taha Muhammed Ali, Ghassan Zaqtan, Maya Abu Alhayyat, and Sara Saleh

Join us as Iraqi artist Lubna Mousa discusses her journey and her art. Click above.

Iraqi refugee artists Lubna Mousa, Nidaa Risan and Khalid Alaani discuss their memories of the holidays in Iran with Common Humanity Director Mel Lehman

Journey to Hebron, where Israeli settlers routinely harass Palestinian olive farmers.  

Dan Hood hosts our trip and helps us better understand the situation.

Iraqi refugee artist Omar Odeh discusses his beautiful paintings.

Join us on a visit to Iran with Evelyn and Wallace Shellenberger who spent four years living there as peacemakers. 

Everywhere they went, they heard, "Welcome to Iran!"  

Tony Brown is a singer, peace ambassador and advocate for human rights who has spent a lifetime traveling the world and sharing his vision of peace and racial justice through music.

"The Vietnamese Artist Who Saved My Life" tells the story of the friendship during the Vietnam war between Le Dinh Sung, left, and Doug Hostetter, right, who was a pacifist conscientious objector who did his alternative service with Mennonite Central Committee in a small village in Central Vietnam.  More about Mr. Hostetter's work at

"Emerging Art From War-Torn Syria: War and Hope" features the brilliant and beautiful art which Syrian painters are creating despite the decade of war their country has endured.  Our special guest is Syrian-American artist and curator Tony Khawam, whose works about his hometown of Aleppo are included.  Join us for a look at this remarkable art.

Rotary Grassroots 

Peacemaking Director Matts Ingemanson describes how he has worked for peace around the world. Learn why he believes that "People on the Grassroots Level Want Peace!"

Peacebuilder Ed Martin has visited Iran 30 times.  Here's what he learned. 

Discover the art of North Korea with South Korean artist Heng-Gil Han.

Join us on a journey to meet the people of North Korea, including this orphanage, with long-time peacemaker Doug Hostetter.  

Iraqi artist Khalid Alaani describes growing up in Baghdad and shares his paintings which are full of rich vibrant colors.

Learn about Nowruz, the concept of unity amidst diversity, from Iranian scholar Nabi Sonboli.

"We need to understand each other," says distinguished

Iranian scholar Nabi Sonboli.  Join us for an enlightening conversation about what our two countries have in common.


Note: Discover an Iranian movie referred to in our discussion by clicking on

(Several have English subtitles.) 

Iraqi-Syrian artist Sara Masoud discusses her journey and her art, including this painting.  Click above.

Common Humanity Director Mel Lehman describes how he "discovered" this unique Iraqi refugee art and leads a tour of our online Art Gallery.  Click here.

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