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Buy a box of 12 blank note cards with the images of paintings on our home page

Cost:  $25 per box, shipping and postage included.

Buy a print of one of 14 paintings by Middle East artists

Cost:  $20 per poster, shipping and postage included.

Your purchase helps both the refugee artist and Common Humanity

       Each print $20 each, postage and handling included. Special offer:  3 posters for $50 ($10. still goes to each artist)                       

        A Woman in Despair  ____                             All Creatures Great and Small  ____        Iraqi Mona Lisa  ____ 

        Who Are You?  ____                                       Blue Vase  ____                                       Splash   ____

          Poseiden's Wrath    ____                                Arabian Horses    ____                        ++Faraway Thoughts  _____

        Eating Watermelon in Old Baghdad  ____      Lime Green  ____                                ++Baghdad Woman _____

        Mosque ____                                                  Feelings _____                            


                                                                                                                                       Total for posters:_______  (Not tax-deductible)    

                                               Box of 12 blank note cards with images from home page:  $25. per box: _______  (Not tax-deductible)

                                                            Contribution for the peacemaking work of Common Humanity     _______  (Tax deductible)


         Make check payable to and mail form to:   Mail prints to:

                 Common Humanity                                                  ____________________________________

                 Attn: Mel Lehman

                 310 Riverside Drive, Suite 511                                 ____________________________________

                 New York, NY  10025                    


Add me to Common Humanity's mailing list _____  and/or email list ____  Email (optional)   ________________________________

                                                                                                                                            ++Not included in box of blank note cards

Dear Friend,


Imagine that you are an artist.  It would be hard, indeed almost impossible, for you to sell your paintings because during this time of quarantine, potential customers have recently been unable to go to galleries and now some customers would be skittish about going there because galleries are small enclosed public places.  And that's assuming in the first place that you've been fortunate enough to get an exhibit.


Then imagine that you are a refugee artist.  Like most aspiring artists, you have a "day job" to support you while you try to establish your artistic career.  As a recently-arrived refugee there's a strong possibility that you're working at an entry-level job and if you haven't been laid off already, you've got understandable fears that you may be.  And as a refugee, the traditional support system you had back home probably doesn't exist in your new land.


Now image you're an Iraqi refugee artist.  In 2003, in one of the greatest tragedies to befall your country in its millennia-long history, the U.S. invaded your country.  During that invasion — which was in turn one of the greatest mistakes of American history — U.S. troops guarded various buildings including the Ministry of Oil, but there were no troops guarding the Iraq Museum.  That museum, which I had the great personal privilege of visiting twice around the year 2000, holds some of the great treasures from the birthplace of world civilization.  It was tragically looted in the chaos which inevitably accompanies military invasions.  


Common Humanity has been working with Iraqi refugee artists for the past decade and a half as a way of showing both moral support for the beautiful work they continue to create, and also as a way to provide a bit of income to them when we sell one of their paintings.  And in the process we've helped Americans to see the humanity of the people of the Middle East.


Here is a chance to both own a print of one of their paintings and also to show your support for them.  We have made posters of one of each of their paintings.  (You can get a better view of the paintings below).  Each poster costs $20; half of the proceeds will go directly to the artists, and the rest will cover the printing, postage and handling, with a few dollars left over to help the work of Common Humanity.  Posters are 17 1/2" x 12".

Mel Lehman, Director



Woman in Despair.JPG

A Woman in Despair

by  Sara Masoud


All Creatures Great and Small

by Nidaa Risan



by Majid Hashem

Who Are You?.jpg

Who Are You?

by Omar Odeh

Untitled 3.JPG

Blue Vase

by Khalid Alaani

Iraqi Mona Lisa, Shubad Queen Nour.JPG

Iraqi Mona Lisa 

by Danya Kubba

Poseidon's Wrath.jpg

Poseidon's Wrath

by Raya Maki


Arabian Horses 

by Amer Ali

Faraway Thoughts.jpeg

Faraway Thoughts

by Ataa al-Baghdadi

Eating Watermelon on Old Baghdad.JPG

Eating Watermelon in Old Baghdad

by Ahmed Baban


Lime Green

by Waseem Ahmed



by Ahmad Abdulrazzaq

A Mosque.jpg


by Lubna Mousa

Baghdad Woman.jpeg

Baghdad Woman

by Wadhah Mahdi

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