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 Khalid Alaani started drawing early in his childhood.  He still takes reference from the nature he experienced on summer vacations in the countryside of Iraq with his family.  After a career as a pharmacist, he returned to painting full-time in 2008. He left Iraq in 2006 and fled to Damascus, Syria.  He was relocated to the U.S. in June, 2012.  “I still dream of Iraq. Dreaming and imagining a beautiful life, full of colors, happiness and spontaneity.” 


Khalid is always trying to find new things, and once found, it is not new anymore.  That makes painting an endless process of searching, exploring, passion and above all, pleasure.  Most of his work is in acrylic with occasional additions of mixed media and collage.  He feels most easily able to express himself in acrylic. 

“My artwork depend on trial and exploration. When I start my painting, whether it is a broad brush, a pencil’s  line or a solid colored space, I always find a human in it. Those humans are not aliens, I know them, I feel them, they are part of me . I become those people whom I draw. I know what they believe and I can tell their stories. I’m drawing their days, destinies and ends”

“In this journey I've been enjoying the searching for beauty of lines, brush strokes and dialogue between masses and spaces on the surface of my paintings. The art work has made me richer and better person.”


Partial Exhibits List and Awards

Hyattsville Mennonite Church, Hyattsville, MD October 2018” Art a Fabric for Healing”

Seekers Church, Washington DC, August, 2018 “ Art as Fabric for Healing Exhibit”

Sandy Spring Museum, Sandy Spring, MD, May 2018” Uprooted Exhibition “

The Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA, 2016,  Honorable Mention

Robert W, Regier Gallery, North Newton, KS, 2016

Clayton Staple Gallery, McKnight Art Center,Wichita State University, KS, 2016

Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, Silver Spring, MD, 2015, Honorable Mention

Iraqi Artists Exhibition, Florence, CA, 2014 

4 Iraqi Artists-in-Exile Exhibitions in New Theme Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, 2012, Honorable Mention

Common Humanity Exhibitions since 2011

Roots Exhibition, Italian Embassy, Syria, 2010

Iraqi Artists Forum, Damascus, Syria, 2009

Free Hand Gallery, Damascus, Syria, 2008


Website :

Facebook page: Khalid Alaani


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