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Syria From A Syrian Perspective 

See Syria for Yourself !!! DEADLINE  March 30!!!

Common Humanity has received an invitation to bring a group of Americans to Syria departing New York June 2, 2019, to participate in a 12-day seminar entitled "Syria from a Syrian Perspective."  Our target audience is graduate students and professors, but other peace-minded people will also be welcome to join us.

Participants in this unique experience will visit the great sites of Syria such as the Umayyad Mosque (above); St. Ananias House in Old Damascus where St. Paul received his world-transforming revelation; Maaloula, an ancient Christian town which still speaks Aramaic, the language which Jesus spoke; the Crac des Chevaliers Crusader castle and Aleppo Citadel, among numerous other important places in world culture.  Participants will also meet with professors and students in the Universities of Damascus and Aleppo.  While there, they will hear Syrian intellectuals, writers and religious leaders offer their interpretation of Syria. 

Interested students and professors are invited to register their interest now in order  for their visa applications to be submitted by DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MARCH 30 to leave New York June 2.  Tour leader Mel Lehman, the Director of Common Humanity, recently returned from a trip to Syria in November as part of a Christmas and New Year’s Card Exchange With Syria.  A short video is about the trip is available on YouTube at: 

This is Mr. Lehman’s seventh trip to Syria and something like his 20th trip to the Middle East over the past two decades.  He writes about how we can achieve peace in the Middle East by developing understanding, respect, and friendship with the people there.  He recently published an article in the Mennonite World Review about his November, 2019, trip entitled “The True Spirit of Christmas in Syria” and several years ago he published an article about his experiences in Syria entitled “Christians and Muslims Show Compatibility in Syria.”  The homepage has two videos about his visit to the Umayyad Mosque.

Total cost of trip including airfare:  $3,150.  We will be staying at a very prestigious hotel near Old Damascus called the Dama Rose; more at (ignore reviews before 2012 which reflect hotel under different ownership).

Visit or email Mel Lehman at for more information about the trip and why it is now safe to travel to Syria.  Telephone 347-819-0742.  Be a peacemaker; visit beautiful Syria.


Citadel in Aleppo


Roman Arch at end of Straight Street

in Old Damascus.

2018-Aleppo-Chamber of Industry_10.jpeg

Aleppo Chamber

of Industry.

Maaloula where Aramaic,

the language Jesus

spoke, is still spoken.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 7.10.22 PM.png

Krak des Chevaliers

Crusader Castle

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