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Interview With Iraqi Artist Khalid

Alaani 20 Years After U.S. Invasion


In the two decades after the U.S. invasion of his homeland and

the chaos that followed, Iraqi Artist Khalid Alaani had continued

to express himself through painting. Join us for this half hour  

interview as he discusses how that experience has influenced

his art and shares some of his new paintings.  Click here.




Khjalid Alaani '23 1.jpeg
Khalid Alaani '23 2.HEIC
Lemons and Limes.jpg

See the beauty of Middle East art!

Join us for a discussion with Palestinian/Egyptian artist Arwa ElBoraei and see some of her beautiful paintings.  Click above.


Common Humanity Peace Channel

Join us Sunday, May 19 for Palestinian Art!!


See the Middle East through the eyes of a Palestinian artist.  Join us for an interview with Ahmed Hmeedat as he discussed his work which reflects life in Palestine today.  Sunday, May 19, at Noon Eastern time, 7 pm Palestine time.  Registration required for this half-hour program.  

Interested in

Biblical Archeology?

Click here

Met Archeology Tour Dec. 11, '21.heic

Buy a Poster or a Box of Blank Note Cards; Help Support a Middle East Artist!  More here

A Woman in Despair.JPG
Who Are You?.jpg
Untitled 3.JPG
Iraqi Mona Lisa, Shubad Queen Nour.JPG
Beyond the Two State Solution.png

A Discussion with Palestinian

Peacemaker Jonathan Kuttab

Long-time Palestinian Peacemaker Jonathan Kuttab describes his vision for peace and discusses his new book "Beyond the Two-State Solution."   Click below

Ahmed Professional headshot_edited.jpg
Bethlehem-Freedom, 2023.png
Modern Nativity Scene, 2024. By AhmedHmeedat (2) copy.jpg

Mr. Hmeedat holds a BA degree in International Law from Al-Quds Bard College in East Jerusalem, a Master of Law from Syracuse University College of Law in upstate New York.  He has had rich experience working in the field of international law and with non-profit organizations in the U.S.  He contributed to establishing the first Palestinian museum in Washington, DC, the Museum of the Palestinian People in 2019.


Can't join us May 19?  The interview will be posted early next week on this website, our Facebook page, and our YouTube Common Humanity Peace Channel.  

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Eating Watermelon on Old Baghdad.JPG
A Mosque.jpg

Discover the Beauty of Middle East Art! 

Visit our Gallery

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Sending COVID Aid to Iran

U.S. sanctions have made it difficult for the people of Iran to receive the COVID preventative supplies and vaccines that they urgently need.  Episcopal Bishop John Bryson Chane and long-time peace activist Doug Hostetter  discuss  their work delivering vaccines to Iran.  Click below.

Left, Common Humanity Director Mel Lehman visited the Ommayad Mosque in Damascus, Syria.

Travel with us to Syria and learn how Common Humanity took 893 Christmas and New Year's cards from Americans to Damascus and Aleppo and brought back cards in return in 2018.

Reading Rumi Together  Dr. Amir Akrami, a Professor in Tehran, Iran, and Rumi scholar and his long-time friend, Ed Martin, who led Mennonite peacemaking efforts for many years with Iran, discuss the poetry of the beloved Persian poet Rumi.  Click below.

Click here other previous programs including "A Mennonite-Maronite Dialogue in Lebanon," "The Many Faces of Love in Palestinian Poetry," as well as programs on Iran, Vietnam, and Iraqi and Syrian art.

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Interview with Iraqi Artist Danya Kubba


A conversation with Iraqi artist Danya Kubba.  She discusses her work including her painting "Iraqi Mona Lisa, Shubab Queen Nour," below, which honors Danya's ancestors in ancient

Sumer, the so-called "Cradle of Civilization" in what is now southern Iraq.  

Click here.

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