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Iran and the U.S. make beautiful music and poetry together in this unique combination of the poems of Rumi read by Americans and the music of Handel played by musicians in Iran. Click right then click again bottom right to expand.  6 minutes. Presented at the Second International Conference on Peace and Conflict Resolution at the University of Tehran on November 23, 2020.

Common Humanity Director Mel Lehman spoke during one of his visits

inside the historic Umayyad Mosque in Old Damascus (click above).

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Remembering the Holidays in Iraq


Join Iraqi refugee artists Khalid Alaani, Lubna Mousa, and Nidaa Risan as they share memories of the holidays in Iraq and show us the beautiful paintings they are creating today by clicking above.

See previous Peace Channel programs by clicking here  Meet Iraqi Artist Omar Odeh and see his beautiful paintings (above).  See other recent programs include "Welcome to Iran" and a visit to Hebron on the West Bank, below.

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Common Humanity Director Mel Lehman discusses this Iraqi art and how he "discovered" it. Click here

Travel with us to Syria as Common Humanity took 893 Christmas and New Year's cards from Americans and brought back cards in return in 2018.

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Understanding and Responding to Anger in the Middle East

The anger we're seeing on the streets of the Middle East didn't just happen overnight; there are decades of grievances, including harsh economic sanctions which the U.S. imposed on Iraq from 1996 to 2003 which kept this child from receiving the food and medicine he needed in Baghdad in 1998.  More.

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End the Sanctions, Lift the Embargo

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