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    Understanding and Responding

    to Anger in the Middle East

    The anger we're seeing on the streets of the Middle East didn't just happen overnight; there are decades of grievances, including harsh economic sanctions which the U.S. imposed on Iraq from 1996 to 2003 which kept this child from receiving the food and medicine he needed in Baghdad in 1998.  More.

    This card was drawn by a university art student in Syria in 2018.  The picture of a fez — a symbol of the Middle East — on top of Christmas tree — a symbol of the West — is a gesture of goodwill offered with a twinkle in the artist’s eye.  Peace is possible; we can live together, the image says. 


    Common Humanity has made copies of the card for you to send.  Box of 16 cards for only $35  plus shipping and handling.  For  details, click here.

    See a Short 5-minute Video About How Common Humanity Got This Card in Damascus, Syria, during a Holiday Card Exchange by Clicking on the Image Above.  For more information about the Syrian art in this video, visit KhawamGallery.com

    Discover the Beauty of Middle East Art

    Common Humanity Director Mel

    Lehman spoke during one of his visits

    inside the historic Umayyad Mosque  

    in Old Damascus (above and below).

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